Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we get when you  are enquiring about our Lunar Lounges.

how big are the lunar lounges?

We have 3 sizes available: 

The 6m diameter and holds 20-30 guests. Great for back garden parties where space can be an issue

The 8m is a 3/4 dome and holds up to 40 guests. This is great for parties to provide a covered space for your sound systems, dance area, food and drink. The rest of your garden area can be set up with tables and chairs, or even hay bails.

The 10m Lunar lounge is a full sized lounge and holds up to 90 people standing. This is the ultimate party room. It has 2 doorways which is great for airflow.  

How long will it take to set up the lunar lounge?

This is purely dependent on the location, site access and surface type on which you want to position the Lunar lounge. As our lounges are inflatable, they are much more efficiently and easily set up than a standard marquee.

Can you erect the lounges on a hard surface?

Yes we can. But this can take longer to erect, this is because we have to use different anchor points for an inflatable marquee (where possible) to ensure the marquee is ready for your events opening.

Can the lounges be erected on a slope

Yes, but bare in mind that the steeper the slope, the more uncomfortable it will be for you and your guests. A slight slope is fine. 

which areas do you service

We cover all of the Northern Rivers (NSW) and the Gold coast (QLD)

What if the weather is really bad?

Please have a look at our booking terms and conditions and wind loading documentation for full details on installing our lunar lounges in bad weather. Our lounges are weatherproof meaning it can withstand some light rain, but it is not fully waterproof.  We can also look to anchor the lounge from additional points should the weather become too bad. Health and Safety is key at all events and we want to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable Lunar Lounge experience you can. However sometimes unfortunately the weather can get in the way and we may have to move the time, date or even evacuate the Lunar Lounge at your event.

Incase of any adverse weather conditions that cause us to cancel your booking, we will refund any deposit that has been received.

What happens if something is broken, damaged or missing?

We do charge for missing, broken or damaged items at full replacement cost. 

We will carry out a final inspection with the client once everything has been erected and placed. 

Our Terms and Conditions are listed on our Booking and T&C's page, click the link below